Octoplus is a Marketing CONSULT, SUPPORT, STRATEGY Development and Business SOLUTION Company

We are interactive Consultants focused on, Creatively engaging consumer/customer/end-users with memorable experience that impact on brands in our care.

Why We Exist
We connect Brands with Consumers and we create outstanding brand experiences
We do this by bringing the brand strategy to life through FLAWLESS EXECUTION and DIRECT IMPACT on consumers at KEY TOUCH POINTS

Outstanding Young Experiential Marketing Agency Of The Year (2018)

Our Works
What people are saying about us
Bigue Diouf
Product Marketing Manager  (BIC West Africa)

‘I worked with Octoplus Marketing now little over 2 years. Octoplus Marketing is one of the the best Marketing Company I have been happy to work with as a Marketing Expert. They tick all the box and take the pressure of you. They are very Professional. They have managed very successful campaigns for me campaigns for me, both in; Nigeria and Senegal. I recommend them highly.’

Fadima Cisse
Brand Manager(Phillip Morris West Africa)

“I worked with Octoplus Marketing while I was the Product Marketing Manager at BIC West Africa. I have been in the Marketing field all my life over 15 years now and have worked with different Marketing Agencies in over 20 Countries in West and Sub-Saharan Africa. But Octoplus Marketing is by far, the best Marketing Consult Company I have worked with as a Marketing Professional. They have mastered the act of; presentation, execution and reporting. I recommend them highly for all Marketing Consult jobs especially in Experiential, Digital and Media”.

The Brands We've Experienced


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